The coalition: interception of the booby-trapped Houthi marches over Yemeni airspace

Confirmed on Saturday afternoon die Saudi defense intercepting two of the Houthi militia in Direction Khamis Mushait started marches with booby traps, causing themselves die Number of Houthi marches intercepted today increased to 9.

The coalition said that “die deliberate and systematic escalation of the Houthi militias against die Yemenis Representing War Crimes “.

Previously had die Coalition in Support of Legitimacy in Yemen today, Saturday, announced the interception and destruction of seven booby-trapped drones die from the militias in Were shot down towards the southern region.

The coalition said that die air force die Drones intercepted over Yemeni airspace and countered the enemy attempt, pointing out that die deliberate and systematic hostile attempts by the Houthis to represent war crimes.

The coalition also confirmed that it is taking operational measures to protect civilians and civilian objects from enemy attacks.

The Coalition in Support of Legitimacy in Yemen announced Thursday that die Saudi defense one from the Houthi militia in Intercepted and destroyed a downed drone with booby traps towards Khamis Mushait.

The coalition stressed that “all attempts by the Houthi militia to be hostile to civilians and civilian objects have been foiled”.

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