The coin throwing gaffe that includes Dak Prescott forces the Cowboys to start both halves against the Rams

Add the “Coin vs. Rams Coin” to the list of things the Cowboys have sunk this season, though this mistake was not entirely their fault.

Dallas, who went 6-7 in Week 15 with 8-5 in Los Angeles needed a win to keep his slim lead in the NFC East standings, winning the coin to fly before the game. Team leader and General Dak Prescott, however, was not “raising” correctly – or at least not strong enough.

Because referee Walt Anderson apparently did not listen to Prescott specifically declaring that his team postponed his selection in the second half, instead of just hearing that the Cowboys wanted to start, Dallas failed to postpone. Below is a clip of the coin being called into question.

According to The Dallas Morning News, Anderson and his crew were expected to discuss with the NFL office that the team would start in the second half.

The official play-by-play, for what it’s worth, claims that Dallas won the coin and chose to postpone it. Fox cameras received Prescott’s sound using the word “delay”, but Anderson does not hear it.

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For what it’s worth, the microscopes in the field picked up Duck saying “we want to postpone and we’ll kick”. It looked as if we had misunderstood the misunderstanding and said “so you want to kick?” to which Duck said yes.


– David Helman (@HelmanDC) December 15, 2019

FOX has the sound of Duck saying he is moving away in the second half. But a currency flip cannot be revised according to @MikePereira.

– Matt Mosley (@mattmosley) December 15, 2019

As a result, the Cowboys started the Rams to start the game and, without changing half time, will be forced to do the same for the second half.

The NFL rules for coins are as follows:

“At the latest three minutes before the kickoff of the first half, the referee, in the presence of the captains of the two teams (limit of six per team, active, inactive or honored) will throw a coin in the center of the match. “tail” must be done by the leader of the visiting team or by the commander appointed by the referee, if there is no team within the team unless the winner wins the second half, he must choose one two privileges and the loser to give to the other a is:

  1. The opportunity to take the kickoff, or to start; or
  2. Choosing the target his team will defend.

“If the coin is not airborne or the pull is undermined in any way, the referee will have to throw it again. The captain’s original call cannot be changed.

“For the second half, the captain who lost the start before the game is to have the first choice of the two privileges listed above, unless one of the teams loses the first and second half options, or the winner the pregame postponed his selection in the second half, so he must choose 1 or 2. Just before the start of the second half, the leaders of the two teams must inform the referee of their respective choices. in others earth. “

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