The “communication” reduces the danger for aviation . What do you know about the 5G network?

The leaders of the 10 largest American airlines have warned of catastrophic disruptions in the transportation and shipping sectors in case of operation of fifth generation networks Wednesday, as scheduled, without setting controls for transmitting stations located near US airports.

The airlines also warned that operating fifth-generation networks for cell phones would cause “severe disruption” to their flights.

What do we know about the fifth generation communication network?

A letter addressed to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and government officials warned of an “economic catastrophe” if Verizon and AT&T continued to implement the new technology before the necessary updates and changes were made to the flight equipment.

“We urgently need urgent action to avoid operational disruptions that could affect travelers, shipping chains and the supply of medicines and medical products, including

And the airlines are demanding that fifth-generation networks be removed “about three kilometers from the runways of the airports that will be affected, according to controls issued by the Federal Aviation Authority” before the service launches on Wednesday.

“We ask the Federal Aviation Authority to determine the locations of the fifth generation network towers, which are close to airports and runways, which will need to be transported farther, to ensure passenger safety and avoid sabotaging flights,” said the letter.

The ten companies stated in their letter: “The aircraft manufacturers have informed us that much of the airline’s currently operating fleet may be out of service.”

He continued: “In addition to this local chaos, the lack of planes could affect flights and leave tens of thousands of Americans stranded. in various countries of the world “.

Verizon and AT&T have twice postponed the launch of the new 5G C-Band service due to warnings from airlines and aircraft manufacturers concerned that the new communications system could interfere with devices used by aircraft to measure altimeters. In other words, it fears the interference of 5G signals, which use the “C” frequency range of radio waves, with the frequency waves used in air navigation devices, especially in adverse weather conditions.

The two carriers are expected to deploy the 5G network in the 3.7 to 3.98 GHz band on the spectrum known as the C band, while the altimeters operate in the 4.2 to 4.4 GHz band.

Disagreements between airlines and telecommunications companies

The concern of airlines is that the frequencies within which the fifth generation network will spread are close to those used by altimeters that measure the distance traveled by the aircraft from the ground, facilitating automated landings and helping to monitor dangerous wind currents. .

Scott Kirby, CEO of United Airlines, said last month that 5G operational guidelines would prevent the use of radio altimeters. in about 40 of the largest US airports.

U.S. airlines have warned that the directives could disrupt up to four percent of daily flights.

“If the problem remains unsolved, it could mean that at major US airports, in In case of bad weather or cloudiness or even dense smog, you can do it mainly visually, “said Kirby.

But the two carriers, which have been awarded the contracts to implement the 5G network, claim that the system has been implemented. in about 40 other countries, without air interference problems.

Buffer zones around airports

The two companies said they had agreed to create buffer zones around 50 airports in the United States, similar to those used in France, for a period of six months to reduce the risk of interference.

But the airlines say the frequencies on which the 5G network will spread in Europe are lower than those offered in the United States.

American telecommunications companies have invested billions of dollars in developing fifth-generation compatible Internet and mobile service networks with faster speeds and wider connectivity.

The work of the network has been delayed several times, due to concerns raised by the airlines, and therefore the launch of the fifth generation networks has been postponed, from the end of last year, to the beginning of this month, and then again to Wednesday. , and could be postponed again.

The US Wireless Trade Association, known as CTIA, said 5G networks are safe, accusing the airline industry of raising concerns and distorting the facts.

“The delays will cause real damage. Delaying the offer by one year will cause a loss of $ 50 billion in economic growth as our country recovers from the effects of the pandemic, “he said last month in a post on the blog the CEO of the union, Meredith Atwell Becker.

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