The Congo police arrest the suspect in the murder of the Italian ambassador

Police from a region in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) said on Tuesday that the region’s police arrested members of a group allegedly linked to the killing of the Italian ambassador last year, as well as the recent kidnappings of workers from the NGO.

Ambassador Luca Atanasio, his bodyguard Vittorio Iakovacci and their driver, Mustafa Milambu, were killed last February during a failed hijacking on a road in eastern Congo as they were on their way to visit a UN humanitarian project. in a school.

Police Commissioner Abba Van Ang presented groups of recently arrested on Tuesday in a meeting with the military governor of North Kivu, Constant Ndima. He said some of the detainees were involved in Athanasius’ killing.

“Among these groups is (the group) that kidnapped and killed the Italian ambassador,” he said in statements published by his team of communication.

He said the group leader who was directly responsible for Athanasius’ death is still a fugitive.

He said the group was also involved in the abduction of members of the International Committee of the Red Cross in December, who were subsequently released.

It is still unclear whether the detainees were formally charged.

Much of eastern Congo has seen violence in recent decades as rival armed groups battle government forces and each other for control of land and resources. The United Nations and humanitarian organizations warn that kidnappings and attacks on humanitarian convoys, which are relatively rare, are in increase.

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