The costume villain of Captain Marvel returns with a mysterious presenter

Captain Marvel want force Carol Danvers watching in the mirror to a dark reflection that never has wanted to see again.

A Marvel comic preview for Captain Marvel # 32 leads back the Last Avenger dress worn by Carol between numbers # 12 and # 16 of the current in course series. Captain Marvel: The Last Avenger I saw Carol forced to hunt down her best friends and teammates e kill they for Supreme Vox. In this preview, the darkness black and the red dress she wore in the bow is back with a new host shooting for Carlo.

The last avenger it was a dark time for Captain Marvel, to say the least. The dress she wore was imposed on her by Vox Supreme and used to monitor and control her. The villain gave Carol an ultimatum if she didn’t kill five Avengers within 24 hours, the being would be destroy every Kree refugee camp, killing countless innocents.

Carol was in able to convince Vox Supreme that he had killed five Avengers from using dead clones of his teammates, but it wasn’t as easy as presenting being with their bodies. He still had to fight his friends, including Thor, Iron Man, Black Panther, She-Hulk and Captain America to make him compelling. It was in able to remove the suit and defeat Vox Supreme in the end of the bow, but it looks like the dress was not destroyed.

The preview sees Captain Marvel flying through the air as he enjoys soaring through the sky. Her fun is stopped when she begins being hit by gusts of power. After being knocked down on the ground, Carol sees that the Last Avenger outfit has a new hosts, even if they are not very talkative.

The host tries to speak with Carol, but since the suit is in unable to control its host, it is believed that it is not in able to communicate. Carol sees this as a clear sign that Vox Supreme must be behind the dress and hers new host, and begins to fight back against his attacker and the dark reflection. The preview for the issue could be found below, which kicks off the series’ next arc, “The Last of the wonders”.


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  • An old darkness has resurfaced, one which he almost put in knee the Avengers. A twisted Captain Marvel is terrorizing the galaxy – and this time, it’s not Carol Danvers . we’re almost there sure. And where is Vox Supreme? Carol must race to find out as “THE LAST OF WONDERS” begins. Superstar writer Kelly Thompson joins Strength with BLACK KNIGHT: THE CURSE OF THE EBONY BLADE artist Sergio Dávila kicks off an exciting fight to save Captain Marvel’s legacy!
  • 32 PGS./Voto T +… $ 3.99

Captain Marvel # 32 is written by Kelly Thompson with art by Sergio Fernandez Davila. Colors provided by Ian Herring with letters from Clayton Cowles and the main the cover was created by Iban Coello and Alejandro Sánchez. The issue it goes on sale September 1, 2021 by Marvel Comics.

Source: Marvel

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