The Cowboys plane was grounded in Philadelphia and Twitter was funny

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It was a difficult Sunday night for Dallas. First, the Cowboys lost to the Eagles 17-9 in a game that could have tightened the (accidental) NFC East. Instead, the Cowboys’ hopes of a second consecutive division crown hang in the balance with Week 17 games decisive. If the Eagles beat the Giants, the division is wrapped up for Philly. (Good luck with rooting for an upset).

But that’s where the problem for Jerry’s boys began. The Dallas plane was considered “unsustainable to fly” after the game, so the team dropped to Philly for hours waiting to get home after the loss. Brutal.

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Twitter, always up-to-date, always present, has decided to rub some salt on the wounds of Dallas, leaving the jokes to fly after the heavy loss and subsequent travel issues.

I think I’ve understood the whole mess of the Cowboy plane … the flight crew told the FAA that no player on the offensive side of the ball is allowed in any way … if they do … they won’t “touch” never …

– Greggo (@ TCUWhiteTrash) December 23, 2019

Dak Prescott: Lost.
Bayless omission: Lost.
Orlando Skandrick: Lost.
Jerry Jones: Lost.

Anyone on the Cowboys plane had to sit and cook on Linc’s belly for 2 hours: Winner.

– Fox Pittman Sundance (@BewareTheFoxII) December 23, 2019

Okay. Jerry Jones has been delaying Jason Garrett’s departure for 5 years now????????♂️ A minor plane malfunction should be the cake

– Matt Vallee (@ mvall13) December 23, 2019

Even their plane could not come into contact

– Joseph Mastriano (@JastrianoJR) December 23, 2019

Did they leave Greta?

Now to check how many times this joke has become …

– Gunther Porchman (@GuntherPorchman) December 23, 2019

Are we sure that there is not only one table line in front of the buses?

– Nittany Tar Heel (@NittanyTarHeel) December 23, 2019

This is really appropriate because Dallas literally couldn’t break the plane today, it just says

– Morgan Moriarty (@Morgan_Moriarty) December 23, 2019

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