The Cowboys’ top 10 contenders to replace Jason Garrett

Jerry Jones eventually made the move many disappointed Cowboys fans were waiting, reportedly leaving coach Jason Garrett after 10 seasons (and six long days) in this capacity for the team.

Although Jones resisted Garrett’s ways during the Dallas season in 2019, he had little choice but to make a decision to go Garrett’s ways after the team failed to return to the playoffs as NFC East champions.

Garrett was kept for so long because Jones respected him as much as the former Cowboys QB backup. But despite the regular season being 85-67, the playoffs were inconsistent and frustrating, with Dallas falling far short of the glory of the Super Bowl, Jones’ hand.

Because they are the Cowboys, few open coaching courses can carry the same brand in American team sports. Jones has the money, the means and the influence to go after almost anyone he wants from the football or college teams.

We have already surpassed the great board of all wild replacement opportunities from every arena based on original betting stands. But here we limit this list to the top 10 contenders to help the Cowboys win big again. The list begins with three big fish that Jones can scroll with the right deal.

Urban Meyer

Former head coach of Ohio

Meyer, 55, is doing well as a commentator for Fox Sports, but his ability to turn talented programs into strong champions, even at a different level, is attractive to Jones. He can make the best of the offense, defensive and, just as important for Jones, special teams.

If Jones can give up some of the staff control, he could work with Meyer, throwing back the best of Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer vibes.

Oklahoma Coach Lincoln Rileyhttps: //; T = -1178558559 & w = 500 & quality = 80

Lincoln Riley

Coach of Oklahoma

Riley, 36, has just finished another season of Playoff disappointment in college football with the Sooners. He has kept them offensive, taking over for Bob Stoops and overturning NFL calibrators Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray (formerly No. 1 overall pick) and Jalen Hurts.

It’s no secret that Riley has been comforted by the Jones family and is close to them. There may be a sense that he is close to his ceiling at Norman and also that his physical and motor skills will translate well into the NFL. It could turn out to be a bigger legend in Dallas.

Jim Harbaugh

Michigan coach

Harbaugh, 56, is still leading the Wolverines against Alabama in the Citrus Cup New Year’s Eve, but there should be more reason to return to the NFL with the Cowboys providing an attractive, winning opening. If Meyer and Riley don’t end up working for Jones, don’t forget Harbaugh. There is a story of him creating a powerhouse with the 49ers and taking them to the Super Bowl.

Harbaugh will restore some necessary mental and physical strength, the right shock for the Cowboys.

Matt Eberflus

Defense Coordinator, Colts

Eberflus, 47, was the Cowboys’ coach from 2011-17 before landing in Indianapolis to work for first Josh McDaniels and then Frank Reich. He has made the most of Colts’ mix of young and veteran talent with a good combination of animation and motivation.

He has the steaks to handle an entire team on a return to Dallas.

Robert Salehhttps: // T = -405620474 & w = 500 & quality = 80

Robert Saleh

Defensive coordinator, 49ers

Saleh, 40, will be a hot candidate for all, given his excellent work in San Francisco this season. It is the kind of fiery leader that every team would like to influence veterans and young people.

He has great experience with both Kyle Shanahan and Pete Carroll.

Eric Bieniemy

Aggressive Coordinator, Chiefs

Bieniemy, 50, deserves to be as high as it is on most lists. Andy Reid’s lead led to good gigs for Doug Pederson and Matt Nagy late. Bieniemy has done a great job with Patrick Mahomes and with extensive experience under Reid he is ready to work a whole team.

The Cowboys should see what it means for Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott.

Greg Roman

Offensive coordinator, Ravens

The 47-year-old Roman interviewed for jobs before, when he was wondering about Harbaugh and the 49ers. His stock has turned around by turning Lamar Jackson at the NFL MVP in Baltimore.

He would also play to the strengths of Prescott and Elliott, balancing an aggressive passing game with an effective, fast-moving approach.

Josh McDanielshttps: // T = 1849941865 & w = 500 & quality = 80

Josh McDaniels

Offensive coordinator, Patriots

McDaniels, 43, is still looking for his second coaching position, now 10 years after a brief stint with the Broncos. The Colts situation is not exhausted for many reasons, but the Cowboys’ work has the potential to be a powerful pro-patriotic destination.

Again, this is linked to the Cowboys’ biggest advantages surrounding Prescott and Elliott. If the Cowboys plan to live up to their expectations, they will start with their scorching explosiveness.

Chris Richards

The defensive back and game coordinator, the Cowboys

Richard, 40, has to re-emerge as a top contender. His biggest work was with Pete Carroll and the Seahawks defense, overseeing the secondary Boom Legion.

It is a growing motivation and player-friendly motivation that Jones must consider to be his best candidate.

Kellen Moore

Offensive coordinator, Cowboys

Moore is only 31 years old, but has shown his anxiety as a play-call to Dallas this season. There is a sense that Garrett’s offensive backdrop of conservatism can keep the Cowboys behind their potential, which in turn would ease their defensive weight.

Don’t sleep on Jones with his train. There is no doubt that Moore is one of the players.

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