The creator of friends says that the relationship between Rachel and Joey was “doomed” from the start – a bad match was made on purpose!

Fans of friends may have different opinions about favorite characters, storylines, and fashion choices, but most viewers all agree that Rachel Green and Joey Tribbiani were a bad match from the start. It turns out that it was not a wacky story that the writers threw out after running out of ideas – it was done on purpose!

Everyone knows that although Ross Geller may have been a problematic character, he was Rachel’s true love. The two got together, but not before exploring his friendship with Joey and making it a full-fledged relationship.

This was voted the worst plot in the history of the sitcom.

Friend creator David Crane recently opened up on the subject at Radio Times.

He explained that Ross and Rachel were always going to end up together and that Rachel and Joey were never going to be a long-term thing.

“The Joey / Rachel thing I know is controversial. I like that. I love it because it’s bad – and we knew it was fine: it’s bad. And it happens in life. There is the relationship that should not exist. Even if you love someone, it’s not who you’re going to be with. “

He added that the plot brought Joey to an emotional place and Matt Leblanc who portrayed Joey in the series was able to show a different aspect of his game.

Crane went on to explain, “Joey and Rachel, we always knew [it would end]. She was pregnant with Ross’ baby. We always know it was like … it was doomed to fail, but in a way, hopefully, really interesting, moving and compelling. “

If that doesn’t surprise you, here is something that could happen: Phoebe Buffay was going to end up with David in another ending!


David claimed they didn’t know who the eclectic character was going to be with, but they ultimately chose to let Phoebe stay with her husband.

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