The crisis in Lebanon is threatened die Stability of his army … and fears out of the grip of Hezbollah

The Lebanese, be it during the outbreak of civil war, wars, die broke out with Israel, and all the explosions and civil unrest, always viewed their army as an anchor of stability and an institution, die die Divisions in the country transcended. This orphaned institution die was so far steadfastly threatened, arouses many observers die Fear that God die control over die Hezbollah fully and firmly in control of the country.

The World Bank warned in a recent report, like the Associated Press today, Wednesday, reported that the Lebanese army is now facing one of the worst financial collapses die die world in has experienced over the past 150 years.

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The economic collapse has created unprecedented pressure die Become operational of the army, the die Soldiers’ salaries are drying up and their morale is destroyed.

This deterioration threatens one of the few forces die unite Lebanon, in a time of rising religious tension and crime rates amid increasing poverty.

Aram Nerguizian, Senior Adviser to the Civil-Military Affairs Program in Arab Countries at Carnegie Middle East Center, in turn, said this decline in economic conditions could be a harbinger of instability, die we have not seen armed forces elites, in particular, since the overthrow of Lebanese politics in the five years before the civil war between Lebanon and Lebanon. 1975-1990 “.

The crisis in Lebanon is threatened die Stability of his army … and fears out of the grip of Hezbollah

Members of the Lebanese Army (AFP)

Resentment in the ranks of the army

In addition, a senior Lebanese military official confirmed to The Associated Press that die economic situation die The soldiers’ morale was seriously affected. “There is no doubt about that in there is great dissatisfaction in the ranks of the army, “he said.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity under the law, added: “The army leadership is concerned about die Development of the security situation on site and die Ability to deal with this issue. “He held die Support the army for “critical” to avoid chaos in Lebanon.

Members of the Lebanese Army (AFP)

Members of the Lebanese Army (AFP)

The army commander, General Joseph Aoun, had in a speech to officers last March warned that die Soldiers “suffer” and criticize “openly” die political leadership, die be paralyzed by the internal struggles and fast did nothing die Address the crisis.

These utterances are unprecedented for officers who are normally not allowed to in this open way of making political statements.

Fear of Hezbollah control

It is noteworthy that die Lebanese army die Iran-backed Hezbollah, die has a strong armed power, as well as a broad political dominance partially balanced, which many observers fear the collapse of the official military institution and so on die Hezbollah can replace it and take over all affairs of the country and the people.

Hezbollah members (associated press)

Hezbollah members (associated press)

In this regard, Nerguizian warned that the army’s decline would allow Hezbollah to die to be the only dominant force in the country, a result that die most countries in the world, especially Washington, do not want to reach.

It is noteworthy that after decades of corruption and mismanagement of the political elite die Lebanese economy began in free fall since October 2019 when the once booming banking sector collapsed and dramatically die Currency against the dollar lost about 90% of its value on the black market.

More than die Half of the country’s population became impoverished.

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