The Crown Prince Camel Festival 3: “The Symbols of Folds” go to (4) Gulf Slogan

The symbols of the four folds, whose races took place today, within the final stage of the Crown Prince Camel Festival in its third edition, went to 4 Gulf slogans. 6 kilometers per race.

The first and second half of the symbols saw a fierce and fierce competition between the slogans of the camel Al Shahaniya and the camel of His Royal Highness Prince Turki bin Muhammad bin Fahd. With a fraction of a second difference from Al-Shahaniya’s “Al-Kayed” camel, he finished in second place.

The battle of the second parts was repeated in deciding the outcome of the third round of symbols, after Ali Al Wahaibi’s “Bashayer” reel got the first symbols for the Omani camel and a fraction of a second difference from the ” chivalrous “” and “severe” rollers, which ranked second and third.

In the fourth series of symbol racing, Al-Qaoud “Nisnas”, owned by its owner Ahmed Al-Khali, managed to get the first symbols of the Emirati camel, after establishing the outcome of the game in his favor, and he reached first at the finish line, several meters away from Al-Hilali, who finished second.

Today’s races saw the establishment of 28 races for the “Bakkar and Qadan” category in two periods, morning with 16 races, with the participation of 415 races, and evening with 12 races, with the participation of 246 races, while the distance of each race extends for 6 kilometers.

In the most important results of the morning matches, the owner of the camel Atef Al-Qurashi consolidated his chances in top of the points classification of the Saif Crown Prince Award for points, after the victory of the reel “Zaza” in the fifteenth game, while the reel “Entaj” for its owner Ibrahim bin Shaman achieved the best timing in the morning games, after completing the first half in 9 minutes and 23 seconds.

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