The Crown Prince’s sword breaks the 50-point barrier

The competition for the Sword of the Crown Prince points prize has intensified, as part of the competitions of the Crown Prince Camel Festival, now in its third edition, which will end tomorrow, Saturday, on the ground of the historic Taif Square, while the Saudi camels continued to occupy the top four places, and the statistic exceeded 50 points in the festival copies for the first time, and the presence of More than a competitor.

Amer bin Rashid Al-Marri was in topped the list one day before the finish, with 54 points, and Atef bin Attia Al-Qurashi finished second with 50 points, then Abdul Aziz bin Al-Ma’ala Al-Sahli third with 36 points, and Fahd Fahid Al-Hajri fourth with 12 points.

The owner with the most points in the preliminary and final matches will receive the sword of the crown prince and the amount of one million riyals, provided that the ownership of the mount is 100% personal.

The festival organizing committee has also arranged for the completion of the appropriate form and the accompanying of a recent declaration indicating the participating frames and a copy of the owner’s logo, with the owner’s right to add a first degree relative. tale like the father and the children if the mounts bear the same logo.

The committee indicated that it will not adopt any results until after the end of the festival, to verify the results of the anti-doping survey, in what will exclude all points of horses whose analyzes will be positive, explaining that in in the case of two or more equal points, we will refer to the highest number of competitors with the best time.

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