“The danger is still low” .. Wait in Moldova for fear of a Russian attack

Moldova lives in an atmosphere of anticipation and anxiety, fearing a possible Russian attack, which Western reports have been talking about in recent weeks.

Despite the concern, Maya Sandu indicated that the risk of escalation in the east of the country remains low.

Furthermore, fears have recently increased that this small region will be involved in the war on the territory of neighboring Ukraine.

Transnistria – or Trans-Dniester after the Dniester River – separated from Moldova after a brief war in 1992 and the region is ruled by pro-Russian separatists.

Mysterious explosions

A series of mysterious explosions in the region during the recent period has raised tension in the region.

Although these attacks resulted in no injuries, authorities in the Moldovan capital, Chisinau, described the explosions as a deliberate provocation to plunge the region into the current conflict.

The alleged action in Transnistria coincided with a change in Russia’s war strategy, which now appears to focus on control of eastern and southern Ukraine.

Moldovan President Maya Sandu, a staunch pro-EU, has signed a law banning the use of the St. George ribbon, a Russian military symbol, as well as the display of the letters “Z” and “V”, and has imposed heavy fines on punish people who break the laws.

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