The Darfur International Criminal Court: We are discussing with Khartoum about die Extradition of the accused

While Fatou Bensouda, die Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, die On Sunday in El Fasher, the capital of the state of North Darfur, had arrived to confirm their visit in this region has been a “dream” for 16 years and was achieved on Wednesday that justice for die People in this region is very important.

She added that die Investigators will visit Darfur to investigate and seek evidence, while international insistence die to extradite and hand over persons accused of war crimes there.

She also announced that die Talks with Sudanese officials went well and stated that they were dealing with Khartoum die Ahmed Haroun’s extradition to trial in The Hague spoke.

She pointed out that die Demanding that Aaron be brought to justice is just the beginning.

The first officer of this level

It is worth noting that Bensouda 48 hours in Darfur will remain where she will meet with representatives of victims of the violations investigated by the court as well as government officials.

The Darfur International Criminal Court: We are discussing with Khartoum about die Extradition of the accused

Fatou Bensouda, Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (AFP)

The Sudanese news agency quoted die Prosecutor with the words after her meeting with the governor of North Darfur: “My arrival in Darfur today is a dream come true. “

It is noteworthy that Bensouda is the first officer at this level of the International Criminal Court to visit Darfur to investigate crimes since it began in 2005 die Investigate humanity and war crimes, die during the conflict in that erupted in 2003 and left the country around 300,000 people died and, according to the United Nations, led to the displacement of 2 5 million people.

In 2009, the Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for former Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, who was overthrown in April 2019 due to widespread popular protests.

Al-Bashir in prison (Archive - AFP)

Al-Bashir in prison (Archive – AFP)

Who is Ahmed Harun?

The transitional government, die after the fall of Al-Bashir die Power came, meanwhile, announced their willingness to cooperate with the International Criminal Court, which also issued two arrest warrants for two of Al-Bashir’s aides, Abdel Rahim Mohamed Hussein and Ahmed Haroun. die since 2019 in the Kober prison in in the Sudanese capital.

Haroun requested his referral to the International Criminal Court in early May after appearing before a government investigative committee.

From Darfur (Archive - AFP)

From Darfur (Archive – AFP)

In addition, Bensouda held a meeting with representatives of the victims’ families, die in Store around die City of El Fasher live where they put up banners, in whom they do justice for die Victim and die Local media demanded extradition of those wanted to the International Criminal Court.

Last Monday, the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court announced that militia leader Ali Kushayb in Darfur committed murders that surrendered last year and die Has dismissed allegations against him in court in a meeting to see if there were war crimes and crimes against charges on 31st die Humanity.

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