The DC Adaptation of the Symbiote Suicide Squad Is Not Nearly as Dark as Marvel’s

Marvel’s Symbiote Suicide Squad: A Darker Version

When it comes to off-the-books missions, both Marvel and DC have their own elite teams to handle the job. However, Marvel’s Sym-Soldier program, which features symbiote-powered super soldiers, takes the darkness to a whole new level compared to DC’s Suicide Squad. Let’s take a closer look at the origins and operations of these two clandestine groups.

The Origins of the Sym-Soldier Program

In Marvel’s Venom #1, Rex Strickland first mentioned the Sym-Soldier program, revealing that the US Government had been using symbiotes since the Vietnam War. Seeking to create super soldiers similar to Captain America, Nick Fury hand-picked soldiers to merge with symbiotes as part of the Sym-Soldier program.

The Vietnam War and Rogue Soldiers

Nick Fury’s plan included unleashing the Sym-Soldiers in Vietnam to either help win the war or provide valuable information on how to combat the symbiotes. However, things took a dark turn when the Sym-Soldiers went rogue, attacking both US soldiers and Vietnamese forces. It was a plan gone horribly wrong, reminiscent of Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad from DC.


Neck Bombs and Contingency Plans

Just like Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad, Nick Fury had a contingency plan involving neck bombs to ensure the loyalty of the Sym-Soldiers. These soldiers, who couldn’t say no to joining the program, were implanted with neck bombs, similar to the setup of the Suicide Squad. However, the key difference is that while the Suicide Squad members are promised early release from their prison sentences, the Sym-Soldiers were only offered increased aging and insanity as a reward for their service.

The Grim Fate of the Sym-Soldiers

After the Sym-Soldier program failed, Nick Fury placed the soldiers in cryo-stasis and scheduled them for execution, leaving them in a state of increased aging and insanity. This grim outcome sets Marvel’s Symbiote Suicide Squad apart as a far darker version compared to DC’s Suicide Squad.

Marvel’s Sym-Soldier program, with its Vietnam War origins, rogue soldiers, and grim fate, proves to be a more sinister and darker counterpart to DC’s Suicide Squad. The lack of hope or redemption for the Sym-Soldiers makes this team’s story even more haunting and adds a new layer of darkness to the world of super soldiers and covert missions.

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