The DC game of The universe in Thrones style takes in I tour a confrontation between Batman and Green Arrow

Writer Tom Taylor revealed the cover for DC Comics’ Dark Knights of Steel # 2, created by artist Yasmine Putri.

Dark Knights of Steel it is a reinterpretation of the DC Universe set in medieval era, and sees the world the heroes drop their cloaks for shining armor and insignia. The series will be twelve long numbers, with the cover is there latest unveil of what can come from story. Apparently, a Batman vs The Green Arrow duel could be in the cards for this fantastic reinterpretation.

The bottom half of the cover sees the dark knight (literally, in fact) brandishing a sword against the emerald archer. Other faces featured on the cover is believed to be this worldle iterations of Superman, John Constantine, Black Lightning and Supergirl. The full scope of the story has yet to be revealed, but seeing the same-equipped heroes face off it is something fans now he could see.

There have always been obvious similarities between Batman and Green Arrow, the Arrow television series apparently transforming Oliver Queen in more of a Bruce Wayne character who how behaves in comics. In the comics, both heroes have “caves” and shelters they run out of, an extraordinary one amount of wealth (although not in current Batman comics) and the like tools and gadgets. However, while Oliver tends to be more optimistic in comics, Bruce has always been drawn frown in contrast to the smile.

Of course, it is not clear what differences in backgrounds, skill set and inventory these two may have in this Game of thrones version of the DC Universe. While the Green Arrow gimmick can hold up up against a background designed for a Robin Hood character to thrive, Batman has clearly undergone a reformat. The hero new the look resembles her wielded Element X attire in the end of Dark Nights: Metal.

This story also marks another book in which these two will interact. Currently, the only one main title to see these two frequently share page with one another is the Justice League series directed by Brian Michael Bendis. Green Arrow has made its meander way in additional books though, like Check mate, The flash and the next Aquaman / Green Arrow: Deep goal set to release in October, one month before Dark Knights of Steel. Batman on on the other hand, it can be found in numerous titles ranging from night wing to Harley Quinn and beyond.

Dark Knights of Steel # 1 will be written by Taylor with art and cover art by Yasmine Putri, who also created this second issuela cover. Variant covers for the first issue it will be created by Joshua Middleton and Wayne Reynolds. The first issue it goes on sale November 2, 2021.

Source: Twitter

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