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The death of 12-year-old Lola: the horrible tale of the murder

While the French are still stunned by the heinous crime that rocked their capital a few days ago, shocking new details have been revealed about the murder of 12-year-old Lola, whose body was found locked up. in a box in Paris.

Investigations revealed that the little girl, found by a homeless man near the building in where she lived with her family, she was subjected to violent blows, stabbed with a knife that nearly cut off her head and scissors were punctured. in various parts of his body.

Meanwhile, the prosecution accused a 24-year-old woman of “murder” and “rape with barbaric acts of torture”. He asked for the custody of the woman, who is the main suspect in the crime, and of a man also suspected of being involved in the case, according to a judicial source.

The woman, who was said to be suffering from psychological disorders, appeared on the building’s surveillance cameras in where the victim was staying, as reported by the AFP. One of the witnesses also highlighted the presence of that woman who asked for his help in exchange of a check for the transfer of a large fund.

It is reported that a 42-year-old homeless man found an opaque plastic box containing the girl’s body in the inner courtyard of the building where Lola was staying with her family. The body was covered with a cloth, while two bags were placed next to the box in which was hidden. While an autopsy was conducted on her body last Saturday, the girl had died of suffocation and her prime observations showed severe neck injuries. While six people were posed in detention as part of the crime investigation, four of them have subsequently been released without prosecution so far.


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