The death of a Palestinian activist who defies authority

Palestinian Authority human rights activist Nizar Banat died early Thursday morning when he was arrested die Palestinian security forces.

In a brief statement, Hebron Governorate stated that girls’ health deteriorated when die Palestinian forces arrested him, finding that he was in was taken to a hospital where his death was later announced.

Nizar Banat was one of the most vocal critics of the Palestinian Authority and called for it die Western countries to cut their aid because of “increasing tyranny and human rights abuses,” as he described it, according to the Associated Press.

For their part, Banat’s family confirmed: “A security guard ransacked his house at 3:30 am and he was badly beaten by about 20 soldiers and arrested alive while screaming,” said the Palestinian ma’an. News agency reports.

The death of a Palestinian activist who defies authority

Palestinian Security Members (archive)

Attack on his house

In early May, armed men fired bullets, stun grenades and tear gas at his house in near the city of Hebron in the West Bank, in where his wife was staying with her children.

For his part, Nizar blamed Fatah for the attack, saying that only she could get tear gas and stun grenades.

He also accused prominent supporters of the Fatah movement in launching a smear campaign against him on social media, accusing him of collaborating with Israel, a dangerous allegation in the Palestinian Territories, die amounts to treason. Nizar denied the charge.

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