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The death of the former head of the Israeli space agency .. after the clashes in Akko


As a result of his injuries in the collisions, die last month in erupted in the city of Akko, the former head of the Israeli space agency, Avi Har Evin, died.

And the Israeli media reported on Sunday evening that the 84-year-old official was in Rambam Hospital in Haifa died after falling during the clashes in Akko suffered burns and suffocation.

It is noteworthy that it was last May in confrontations between Israelis and Palestinians in several cities die resulted in injuries on both sides, business burns and acts of violence.

Two hotels destroyed

During the eleven days of clashes between Israel and the Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip, two hotels were opened in Israel destroyed, one of which Effi stayed overnight.

The spark of the confrontations broke from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem after a demonstration in support of Palestinian families, die were evicted from their homes and developed into violent military clashes between the Palestinians and the Israeli army.

Former head of the Israel Space Agency (Twitter)

Then the spark of violence spread to a number of mixed cities with Jewish and Arab residents (internal Palestinians or Arabs of 48), raising international fears of the situation spiraling out of control.

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