The death penalty for the killer of the Egyptian student Naira Ashraf

Today, Wednesday, the Mansoura Egyptian Criminal Court upheld the death sentence for the murderer of Mansoura University student Naira Ashraf, after referring her papers to the Mufti in a session last week.

The Mansoura Criminal Court had decided to refer to the Mufti the papers of the accused of the murder of Naira Ashraf, who was treacherously killed by her colleague in front of the university college complex gate, to take legal advice on her execution on the charge of premeditated murder, and to fix today’s session to pronounce the verdict.

A few hours before the final verdict was pronounced, the family of the accused, Mohamed Adel, revealed new details on the case.

On the phone and from a new place in whose family moved to live after the crime, the young man’s mother told Al-Arabiya that her son “fell victim to his feelings, which may have gone in the wrong direction.”

He said he will stay with his son “until the last moment” in hopes that his sentence will be commuted, indicating his full confidence that the sentence will be reduced during the cassation and that his son will remain. in life even if he will remain behind bars for his entire life.