The death penalty for the murderer of Mansoura’s student Naira Ashraf

On Tuesday, the Mansoura Criminal Court decided to defer the papers of the accused of killing the student, Naira Ashraf, in front of Mansoura University, the Grand Mufti, to give a legal opinion on her execution.

And last Sunday the Mansoura Criminal Court in Egypt held its first session, the trial of the student accused of deliberately killing his colleague, Naira Ashraf, with premeditation. In the vicinity of the courthouse there has been an intense security strengthening at all entrances and the Egyptian central security forces have been deployed around the courtroom. in preparation of the start of the process.

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On Wednesday, the Egyptian prosecutor’s office released a statement in about the crime that the Egyptian girl, Naira Ashraf, suffered a few days ago at the hand of a colleague at the gate of Mansoura University, in an accident that shook the country. The Egyptian prosecutor ordered that the defendant, Mohamed Adel, be referred to the criminal court, to be punished for the premeditated murder of the student victim Naira.

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The Prosecutor confirmed that the killer “has the intention and determination to kill her, followed her until he took her in front of Mansoura University, and surprised her with a knife that stabbed her. several times, and massacred her with the intention of taking her own life. The decision to postpone it came 48 hours after the accident “. On Monday, the city of Mansoura witnessed a heinous crime after a student from the Faculty of Arts of Mansoura University stabbed his colleague with a knife and massacred her before people could catch him.

According to eyewitnesses, passersby were surprised by the student with in hand a knife in front of the “Toshka” gate in College of Arts Street. After that, passers-by and people gathered and managed to check on the accused and beat him until the police arrived and rescued him from their hands.