The death toll from the attack has risen to 83 in a mosque in Pakistan

The death toll from the mosque bombing inside the Peshawar police headquarters in northwest Pakistan has risen to 83. km from the border with Afghanistan.

During the night, 9 bodies were found under the rubble of the mosque, whose roof and one wall collapsed due to the explosion.

“We will be removing the last section of the collapsed roof this morning in so we can recover more bodies, but we are pessimistic about the chances of finding more survivors,” emergency spokesman Bilal Ahmed Faizi told AFP.

For his part, Muhammad Asim Khan, spokesman for the “Lady Reading” hospital in Peshawar, told AFP that the death toll had risen to 83, with the discovery of more bodies.

and thearea The Peshawar Police Headquarters is one of the tightest security areas in the city and includes the headquarters of several intelligence agencies.

Following the bombings, the capital, Islamabad, and all parts of the country, in particularly those located on the border with Afghanistan, have been placed in high security alert.

After several years of relative calm, the attacks have been renewed in force. It was carried out by elements of the Pakistani Taliban, Islamic State-Province of Khorasan or Baloch separatist groups.

Pakistan accuses the Taliban of allowing these groups to use Afghan territory to plan their attacks, which Kabul repeatedly denies.

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