The death toll from the plane crash has risen to 67 in Nepal

Police confirmed 67 people died when a plane carrying 72 people on board crashed on Sunday in Nepal.31 bodies were taken to hospitals, police official AK Chhetri told AFP, adding that another 36 bodies were found at the crash site.

On Sunday, officials announced that a passenger plane carrying 72 people on board crashed in Kaski district, central district of Pokhara, Nepal. Heading to Pokhara city from the capital, Kathmandu.

Yeti Airlines spokesman Sudarshan Partola said there were 68 passengers and four crew members on board when the plane crashed between the old airport and Pokhara International Airport.

“Rescue teams are in journey to the crash site, and at the moment we don’t know if there are any survivors,” the spokesman told the “Kathmandu Post”.

Images and videos about social media they showed plumes of smoke rising from the crash site and local residents trying to put out the fire and treat the injured.