The democratic peoples of Erdogan’s allies: there is no point in closing our party

After repeated requests from Devlet Bahceli, chairman of the right-wing party “National Movement” and ally of the ruling Turkish party “Justice and Development”, a few days ago to ban the pro-Kurdish “People’s Democratic Party”, the authorities have taken formal steps to address the issue classify the latter party as a “terrorist” group. But what will happen next?

According to a leader of the pro-Kurdish party, the ban and classification as a “terrorist” group “will take a long time, which can stretch to months,” after a Turkish public prosecutor officially urged the “democratic” group on Wednesday close The People’s Party shortly after one of its representatives was deprived of his parliamentary seat, Omar Farouk Cırcırlioglu, the influential figure in the field of human rights defense.

Barakat Qar, a member of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Democratic Party of Democratic Peoples (HDP), who speaks out against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said: “It is not yet known which courts responded to the prosecutor’s motion to ban our party will follow its headquarters and prevent it from participating in political life, but in the days to come we will know. Entities studying this query. “

Our party cannot be eliminated

He added to that “the Supreme Constitutional Court (the highest judicial body in Turkey) has repeatedly issued judgments calling on the authorities to violate the rights of some of our HDP colleagues such as Saladin Demirtaş and Figuen Yüksdag therefore it was ruled out that it would ban our party’s activities, which is a futile move. “

He went on: “I am optimistic. Our party, which received 6 million votes in the last parliamentary elections in Turkey, cannot simply be eliminated.” The democratic peoples have many plans to overcome this ordeal faced by other pro-Kurdish parties “Like the party. The” Democratic Society “and” Peace and Democracy “are two parties that Ankara called” terrorist “years ago Groups were classified, which in 2012 led to the establishment of the “People’s Democratic Party”.

“After the previous two parties were banned, the HDP came out strong in 2012, winning 80 seats in the first general election in 2015, effectively meaning that Ankara did not benefit from its usual move in banning pro-Kurdish parties . “he said in this regard.

Bribe Erdogan’s allies

Furthermore, Qar described the Turkish prosecutor’s request to ban his party as a “bribe” of the “National Movement” party, which opposes the participation of Kurds and their supporters in Turkish political circles, especially because it coincided with his stance at his thirteenth conference in Ankara last Wednesday.

He also stressed that “the road to banning the party is long and will take several months, and possibly longer, as it has the right to appeal against the decision of the Constitutional Court inside and outside Turkey, as it is also possible to resort to it.” the European Court of Human Rights in the event that the party is banned, which would delay the decision on accession. The ban will take effect. “

Regarding the possibility that Erdogan’s National Movement and Justice and Development party could get rid of the People’s Democratic Party before presidential and parliamentary elections are held following the deterioration in the popularity of the governing coalition in Turkey, he said: “We will participate in all elections in the country and what is guaranteed. Our participation is the request of the Attorney General to prevent 687 members of our party from doing political work, including the dead who were members of the party, including Ibrahim Ayhan, a MP of the Turkish Parliament, which passed away at the end of 2018.

He stated: “The large number of names that prosecutors are asking to prevent their owners from doing political work actually means increasing the time to consider all of these requests. Hence, our party will be up to early elections to be present.” “”

other options

He also revealed that “if our party is banned, we have other options that we can resort to to vote in the elections, including forming a new party,” especially since the “HDP” is allied with small parties, like theirs Voters can instruct voters to vote for them.

On Friday morning, Turkish authorities arrested 32 local Peoples’ Democratic Party officials in Ankara, Istanbul and Adana, hours after the US and the European Union criticized Turkey. Washington urged Ankara to “respect freedom of expression”. Brussels believed that attempts to disband the pro-Kurdish party “undermined the credibility of the authorities” and “violated the rights of millions of voters”.

It is noteworthy that the “HDP” was founded in 2012 and is the third largest party in Turkey. She has managed to achieve the parliamentary majority that Erdogan’s party has had since 2002 in the first general election in 2015 when she called the ruling party to ally with the party. After the national movement won 80 seats in elections, Erdogan insisted on canceling the results and returning them in the fall of 2015.

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