The developers of Apex Legends promise that the nerfs of Gibraltar are “still to come”, but not this patch

Respawn has confirmed that Gibraltar’s long-awaited gun shield nerfs are “still to come” in an upcoming Apex Legends update after the promised season eight changes were noticeably missing in this week’s “Chaos Theory” patch.

The high-profile legend with the shield Gibraltar has long sat on the meta of Apex Legends. Indeed since its season 3 buffsthe Kiwi defender fell out of the top three.

It’s been a point of contention in the Apex Legends community for a while. Professionals and ranked players alike have publicly called for nerfs regularly in the past 12 months. Initially, Respawn stayed strong with the changes. They had “absolutely no plansTo change defenders, and only played with his ultimate timings light.

Until the developers promised to look at his “broken” gun shield.

On January 26th, the Apex Legends Balance Team Approved They would change the way blood flow (transferring damage to Gibraltar after cracking its shield) works. These nerfs were tipped to arrive in the Chaos Theory patch.

Only they weren’t there the March 4th notes.

Don’t worry though Res – Respawn already has updated Apex fans on the status of the planned changes to the Gibraltar gun shield: “Don’t worry … they’re coming soon.”

Respawn entertainment

Gibraltar’s now iconic gun shield has kept him on the Apex Legends meta since season 3.

According to Respawn’s balance team, they were working on “the arm shield stuff” when they encountered a “nasty” string of bugs that slowed their process.

“They stopped us from shipping the Nerf,” they admitted.

The lack of the long-awaited Gun Shield nerfs in this week’s ‘Chaos Theory’ update doesn’t mean they’re not coming, the developers added. The planned changes in Gibraltar are still very much on the plan and should take place “soon” as soon as the coding errors have been fixed.

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The Gibby nerfs – who have now been pushed back twice – should be included in the second patch of season eight. that should be around the end of April or the beginning of May.

Respawn entertainment
Respawn entertainment

The Gibraltar Gun Shield nerfs are “coming” even though they were not included in the “Chaos Theory” update.

Gibraltar’s weapon shield may be safe for now, but its dome is not.

The Bulky Kiwi Defender will reduce the healing item speed of its protective dome by 15% in the March 9th patch. It is also tracked by Pathfinder (who is losing his low profile) and Horizon (their black hole cooldown is one minute), as well as Revenant, Wattson and Rampart.

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The Mastiff, Wingman and Hemlok are also getting changes. Check out the full Chaos Theory patch notes ahead of the Season 8 Big Update on March 9th.

The post-Apex Legends developers promise that Gibraltar nerfs are “still to come”, but this patch didn’t appear on Gaming News – AsumeTech first.

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