The development of an electric water bike … more environmentally friendly than boats

A company with headquarters in New Zealand has developed an electric bicycle that can travel on water at a speed of 12.4 mph (20 km / h).

According to the Daily Mail, the Hydrofoiler SL3 comes from the Manta5 company that created the world’s first water bike, the Hydrofoiler XE-1, in 2017.

Hydrofoils use a foot pedal to spin a fan in the rear and are powered by an electric motor to increase speed.

Once it moves fast enough, the bicycle’s “wings” at the front and rear make it rise and fly over the surface of the water.

More environmentally friendly than the jet ski

The second generation SL3 version also features an “throttle only” ride mode that requires no initial conversion, making it a viable and more environmentally friendly alternative to jet skis such as jet skis.

Its creators claim that this new feature, along with other aspects of its designallows motorcyclists to learn how to use it in just 40 minutes, two hours in less than the average learning time of the original XE-1 version.

“Not having a hull or a pontoon is a welcome compromise,” said Mark Robotham, CEO of Manta5.

The SL3 is built in carbon fiber and aircraft grade aluminum, which makes it buoyant and light enough to carry around in water without a tug.

And the frame and thickness keep the bike going in vertical position even when stationary.

The bike is powered by a 2500 watt electric motor and has ten levels of assistance available to generate pedal speed and power, which can be operated with a simple touch of a finger.

Three models are available – SL3, SL3 + and SL3 Pro – with the base model featuring a 600-watt lithium-ion battery with a three-hour charge time and the other two with 1,000-watt battery packs with a charge time five hour charge.

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