The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2, Release Date, Cast And Everything We known So Far

The Devil Is A Part-Timer In the same way that most outstanding series is based on spectacular light novels, ‘The Devil Is A Part-Timer,’ which is known in Japan as Hataraku Ma-Sama!, is also based on a light novel series by Satoshi Wagahara, which is called Hataraku Ma-sama! in English. The novel was published for the first time on February 10, 2011, and it quickly became the inspiration for a manga series of the same name, which was released on December 27, 2011, and is still ongoing. After several years, the light novel series Hataraku Ma-Sama! was converted into an anime series by White Fox, and fans finally had the opportunity to view their favorite anime on the big screen in April 2013. For eight long years, anime fans waited impatiently for the comeback of their favorite show, almost giving up hope. However, we were recently pleasantly surprised by some exciting news from the creators! Let’s take a look at what the future holds for ‘The Devil Is A Part-Timer’ down below.


  •  Ohsaka Ryota as Satan
  •  Hikasa Yoko  as Emilia
  •  Tohyama Nao as Sasaki Chiho
  •  Ono Yuki as Alsiel
  •  Hiro Shimono as Hanzou Urushihara

The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 ‘The Devil Is A Part-Timer’ has been officially confirmed to return for a second season after over a decade of anticipation! The wonderful news was first shared with the public by the producers of the hit anime series back in March, at the Kadokawa Corporation’s Light Novel Expo. Along with the news of the renewal, the first teaser and key art for the upcoming season were also made available to the public. All of the original Japanese voice actors have also been confirmed to return; however, it is not yet known whether or if the English voice actors will also reprise their roles.

 Release Date of The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2

The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 Release Date in Jul 2022 according to Several additional facts regarding the fantasy comedy anime’s second season will be revealed via a live stream at the “Dengeki Bunko Winter Festival 2021” on December 12, 2021. The announcement of the second season of the fantasy comedy anime already took place in March 2021. The voice actors Ryota Osaka and Yoko Hikasa, who provide the voices for the two major characters Sadao Maou and Emi Yusa in the anime series, were introduced as special guests of honor. The broadcast will begin at 20:50 Japanese time (12:50 p.m. in Europe) and will air on ABEMA TV.

The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 Trailer

What Is ‘The Devil Is A Part-Timer Plot?

Sadao Maou The anime series is about the defeated demon Lord Satan who escaped into the human world via a dimensional gateway. In a world full of humans, he disguises himself as an ordinary fast-food employee. Stuck in modern Tokyo, Satan seeks vengeance. But he is weak and cannot use his magic here. So he has to work hard and part-time to survive. To dominate the world, he must first climb the social ladder. On his way, he meets Emi Yusa, who is actually Emilia, his dethroned. The plot concentrates on the main characters who arrived from another dimension and gradually adapt to human life.

The Devil Is a Part-Timer Season 2 Characters

Sadao Maou: is the primary protagonist of the series. He was once the Devil King who declared war on Ente Isla in an attempt to take the four continents. However, because of the activities of the Hero Emilia Justina and her friends, he was forced to withdraw to Earth, leading him to lose practically all of his powers.

Emi Yusa: is the main female lead character and the Hero who overcame the Demon King Satan. After compelling the Demon King to escape from Ente Isla, she followed him to present-era Japan to assure his death. However, just like the Demon Lord, she lost most of her powers upon her arrival and was forced to acquire a Japanese name. She was likewise compelled to find a job, and so became a call center agent. She is a half-human/ half-angel.

Chiho Sasaki: is Maou’s pal and a fellow employee at MgRonald’s. She has a crush on Maou. She can hear and understand the language of Ente Isla, after receiving feedback from a hypnotic spell that Maou cast on her father, Inspector Sasaki.

Shiro Ashiya: is one of Satan’s Demon Generals and was also transferred to the current day Japan with him. Extremely dedicated to Maou, he takes care of the domestic responsibilities at home and goes to the library to discover ways for Maou and himself to reclaim their powers.

Suzuno Kamazuki: is the Chief of the Doctrinal Corrections Council, which operates under the auspices of the Church of Ente Isla. She is most often seen in a kimono because she only has traditional clothing and does not have access to modern clothing.

Hanzo Urushihara: is a fallen angel and one of the Demon King’s generals. He is also known as the Demon Lord. Following his loss at the hands of Hero Emilia, he was covertly saved by Olba Meyer, who offered to return Lucifer to heaven if they joined forces to defeat the Demon Lord and brought him back to life. After being beaten by the Demon Lord, he moved in with Sadao Maou and Ashiya to start a new life.