The director of the University of Kabul forbids women to associate with … teachers and students

In a tightening of Taliban restrictions on women, Kabul University’s new group director announced Monday that it will be … Indefinitely forbid women to enter the institution Or as teachers or students.

“I give you my words as a consultant of the University of Kabul … Until everyone is provided with a true Islamic environment, women will not be allowed to come to university or work, Islam first and foremost,” she said. Muhammad Ashraf Ghirat in a tweet on Monday. .

It reflects the new university policy The policy of the Taliban in the 1990sWhen women could go out in public only if accompanied by a male relative, they were beaten if they disobeyed orders and were banned from school.

One of the lecturers said on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals: “In this holy place, there was nothing un-Islamic … Presidents, teachers, engineers and even religious are trained here and are talented in society … Kabul The university is the home of the Afghan nation. “

The director of the University of Kabul forbids women to associate with … teachers and students

From inside a private university in Kabul

In the days following the Taliban’s seizure of power in August, officials went to great lengths to insist that this time around the Taliban would be better for women and that the movement would allow them to study, work and even participate in the government, but none of this happened.

Taliban leaders recently appointed a male-only government and the new government banned women from returning to the workplace, citing security concerns.

Two weeks ago, the Taliban replaced the president of Kabul University, the first in the country, with Mr. Gert, a 34-year-old supporter of the movement, who called the country’s schools “centers of prostitution,” as he said.

According to the report, the decision was another blow to the Afghan higher education system, which has been bolstered by hundreds of millions of dollars for years. in foreign aid, but which is now faltering from the group’s return to power.

“There is no hope. The whole higher education system is collapsing, everything is destroyed,” said Hamid Al-Obaidi, a former spokesman for the Ministry of Higher Education who was a lecturer at the University of Journalism Faculty. Kabul.

Now tens of thousands of public university students are languishing in home because their schools are closed, and the American University of Afghanistan, in which the United States has invested more than 100 million dollars, has been completely abandoned and taken over by the Taliban.

Professors and lecturers from all over the country, many of them trained abroad, have fled their posts in provision of stricter regulations by the Taliban. The movement is currently appointing religious fundamentalists, many of whom have little academic experience, to head the institutions.

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