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The discovery of the twin of the famous flagship "Vasa" At the bottom of the Baltic Sea

At the bottom of the sea near Stockholm, many old ships were flooded, which served as a barrier to the approach of the fleet of a potential enemy.

Swedish archaeologists announced at a press conference that they had found the remains of the 17th century pioneer ship Applet “Derzhava” at the bottom of the Baltic Sea near the city of Vaxholm, near Stockholm.

“We are sure that this is the ship “Derzhava”, and it could not be something else,” says Yum Hanson, an archaeologist from the Museum of Naval History. “This is one of the largest finds,” says Lars Hansson, director of the State Museums history of navigation and transport Archaeological finds under water were made a very long time ago.

The ship “Derzhava” is the twin of the famous military ship “Vaza”, which is currently located in the museum of the same name and is considered one of the important tourist attractions of the Swedish capital. The distinctive finish of the hull will help marine archaeologists prove that these remains belong to the Derzhava ship.

It should be noted that in 2019, archaeologists discovered the remains of two ships, one of which, in their opinion, belonged to the Derzhava ship. But after a detailed study of it, it turned out that it belonged to two ships “Apollo” and “Maria”, which were smaller than the “Power”.

Source: TASS


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