The Division 2 snowball cannon messes up the old hidden rock trick

Now we have the answer to the eternal elementary question, who wins: fire? or ice cream? The snowball cannon in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 makes it easy to remove a flame cap.

The Sleigher, as it is fortunately called, appeared on Tuesday with the game’s latest title update. It also has an adorable talent called “Hidden Rock”. No really. If you get a headshot with the SMG, the target is struck senseless – confusion effects last for 20 seconds.

A headshot with a normal SMG is pretty difficult; with the sled it is not a gimme. The accuracy is around 10 percent. (While the stability seems to be around 70 or 80, can a snowball probably really cause a recoil?)

As YouTuber NothingButSkillz (from 6:18 in this video) explains, the talent of the sleeper can be combined very well with the energy infusion talent of the exotic BTSU gloves. It’s a lot of technical stuff, but basically the gloves take on the status of “The Sled” and give it to the player’s ability to throw while beating enemies for another 50 percent damage while confused. Do you have it all

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Needless to say, NothingButSkillz is a player with 500 gear points and pretty much every exotic item at the top of the food chain. So it’s not that everyone who finds the sleigher throws to the ground this way. But the opening of this video shows how he removes a checkpoint for outcasts before the boss, a heavy flamethrower, can even react (thanks largely to the minesweeper).

Where you can find this weapon, every YouTuber and his sibling has so far five videos in which you can see where to find them. Ubisoft’s streamers found theirs at the Lincoln Memorial. Find bad boys with Santa hat. If you defeat an elite with one, it drops the sled and it’s yours.

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