The doctor called the 10 best foods to boost immunity

Russian doctor Elena Baretskaya, a specialist in allergology, immunology and children, recommended eating berries and seafood to strengthen immunity and replenish iodine in the body.

Paretskaya included products that will help replenish iodine in the body and strengthen the immune system.
According to her, with iodine deficiency, the whole body suffers, especially in children, growth and development are disturbed, and in adults, the level of immune protection and work capacity is reduced. Prolonged iodine deficiency can lead to the formation of goiter, thickening of the neck and increases the risk of developing tumors.

According to the doctor, cranberries, strawberries, peaches, fish, tuna, turkey, potatoes with skins, white beans and algae will perfectly cope with the task of saturating the body with iodine.

She pointed out that all these foods are an excellent source of iodine and other vitamins, and iodine deficiency in the body can be determined by looking at many symptoms, and these include lethargy and drowsiness, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, discomfort and stiffness in the chest, headache pain, loss of appetite, problems with hair and nails, poor concentration and sensitivity to weather changes.

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