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The Dragon Prince Mystery of Aaravos Season 4 Release Date, Voice Cast, Plot, And Everything We Know So Far

A Netflix Original animated fantasy series, The Dragon Prince, was created by Aaron Ehsaz and Justin Richmond. If you have been a devoted anime viewer, you will not be surprised by the fame The Dragon Prince has garnered. For those unversed, The Dragon Prince is almost parallel to the most popular Avatar: The Last Air bender since Aaron Ehsaz writes it. The latter also happened to be the latter’s former head writer.

Now, a shout-out to all The Dragon Prince’s fans because the show is returning for season 4 on November 3, 2022. Your two-year has finally come to an end, and fingers crossed, hoping it will come to fruition.


Here’s the good news. Season 4 does not seal the fate of The Dragon Prince. A fifth, sixth, and seventh season will be the last ones. Your goodbyes can wait, at least for this show, as your hands are already full.

Season 4 of The Dragon Prince is titled Mystery of Aaravos, and here’s everything we know about the upcoming season.


As far as we know, all major voice actors will reprise their parts in the upcoming season. The story introduces at least one new character, Terry, an Earthblood Elf who Benjamin Callins voices. Claudia’s new boyfriend is Terry.

  • Jack De Sena as Callum
  • Paula Burrows as Rayla
  • Sasha Rojen as Ezran
  • Jason Simpson as Viren
  • Racquel Belmonte as Claudia
  • Erik Dellums as Aaravos
  • Jesse Inocalla as Soren
  • Benjamin Callins as Terry

We’re just highlighting the main characters because there hasn’t been a formal “cast” announcement. As the start of the season approaches, we should have a better idea of any new characters or changes.

When will The Dragon Prince be Released on Netflix?


Although Netflix took an exorbitant step by ordering a vast amount of episodes from the show, there have been no significant updates on the advancement of the show from Netflix or the creators of the show, which augmented people’s frustration. However, in February 2021, an official post acknowledged the communities’ frustration saying:

“Since the full Saga was approved, our team has been working dutifully to bring you the upcoming installment of The Dragon Prince with love, passion, and originality. Even though the pandemic has affected every step of the process, it is a fact that large-scale productions always take a long time. We are creating new, exciting areas of Xadia for you to explore, writing the story and scripts, putting together the production team, and more. The new seasons will be worth the wait, even though we cannot yet provide a release date for Season 4.”

In addition, a December update mentioned how seasons 4 to 6 will mark a distinctively new phase of the show, Phase 2, as they have called it, while season 7 will be entirely separate from the two steps. They affirmed, “Now that the show has been renewed for seasons 4, 5, and 6 (which we began as soon as the renewal was announced in 2020), we are working in the same manner and investing the same amount of time upfront to ensure that Phase 2’s story arc is perfect.”


The April 2022 update stated that scripts for all seasons had been written, along with well-articulate dialogues.

The trailer for The Dragon Prince season 4 was dropped at NYCC. It will be officially released on Netflix on November 3, 2022.

The Dragon Prince | Season 4 Official Teaser

The Dragon Prince | Season 4 Teaser Trailer

The Dragon Prince | Season 4 Official Teaser

The Dragon Prince | Season 4 Official Teaser

The Dragon Prince | Season 4 Official Trailer

The Dragon Prince | Season 4 Official Trailer

What is the Plot of The Dragon Prince season 4?


In season 3 of The Dragon Prince, we see the possibilities of a different future shaping up just in time to be changed by a seemingly hackneyed incident. For instance, the demise of Been was a sure thing if it wasn’t for his daughter Claudia who brought him back to life two days later. Season 3 also observes the friendship between humans and elves rejuvenated.

With season 3 emphasizing the exorbitant cocoon on the wall, Season 4 may unravel the creature’s power once it enters metamorphosis. Not only that, but Season 4 will also emphasize how and why Viren, Claudia, and Aaravos are a grave threat.

According to What’s on Netflix, “Callum and Rayla’s relationship will be even more enjoyable to explore in the upcoming season after finally admitting their love for one another.

However, there is much more to discuss than The Dragon Prince season 4. We have just touched the surface. But sometimes, knowing the tip of the iceberg is only better than going deep into the blues knowing the iceberg until it’s November 3, 2022.

When was The Dragon Prince season 4 officially renewed?

The Dragon Prince Saga Announcement | Comic-Con@Home 2020

With The Dragon Prince video game undergoing development, the drama has gained much traction and critical acclaim, receiving Emmy awards for being an outstanding children’s animated program.

With such an excellent reputation, it is not difficult to assume that the renewal of season 4 did not take much time. The animated fantasy was renewed, not only for season 4 but till 7, at the virtual Comic-Con in 2020.

The-Dragon-Prince- d

There will be 63 new episodes of The Dragon Prince since each new season will have nine episodes, according to What’s on Netflix.



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