The drug market is in expansion in Europe . and record of seizures

An EU report concluded today, Friday, that the cocaine and methamphetamine market is expanding in Europe, driven by levels record smuggling and growing problems of violence on the continent.

In 2020, for the fourth consecutive year, the largest amount of cocaine ever recorded was seized (214.6 tons) in European Union, Norway and Turkey, according to the report of “Europol” and the European Center for Drug and Drug Administration.

The report noted that the EU faces a “growing threat from a more diverse and dynamic drug market based on close cooperation between European and international criminal organizations”.

The new nature of this market has resulted in “levels.” record of drug availability, increased violence and corruption and exacerbated health problems, “he said in a note from the director of the Center for Drug Administration Alexis Gosdel.

The disruptions caused by the Corona pandemic have not affected in particularly these markets and the trafficking of cocaine via sea ​​continued at similar levels to those prior to 2019.

The cocaine market, the second most consumed drug in the European Union after cannabis, was worth at least € 10.5 billion ($ 11 billion) in 2020.

Most of the cocaine seized in the European Union in 2020 was in Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain, the three countries in where the drug is mostly diverted after production in Colombia, Bolivia and Peru.

The report says that methamphetamine, the world’s most widely used synthetic stimulant drug, has played a “relatively minor role in the European drug market”, although recent data indicated a “growing threat”.

Seizures of methamphetamines in the European Union doubled between 2010 and 2020, while the quantities seized increased by 477% to 2.2 tons in 2020.

In Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Spain “competition between drug suppliers has intensified, leading to an increase in violent confrontations”, murders and kidnappings.

The report added that corruption is a serious threat in the European Union, noting that nearly 60% of criminal networks use it to facilitate their drug-related operations.

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