The drugs of Pfizer and Merck against the crown .. Are you turning the page on the pandemic?

After nearly two years of sad news, Pfizer and Merck’s claims about their coronavirus drugs, in particular of Pfizer, are true and the world is looking forward to the possibility of ending the epidemic.

Antiviral pills will not completely eliminate the disease and the virus is likely to remain among us for a long time and will also remain a cause of death in the world population. But what these drugs can do is put an end to the crisis that has shaken our lives so badly, put an end to fears that mass contagion could bring down the health system, and put an end to any calls for severe restrictions.

Both medicines are available in simple tablets that should be taken immediately after symptoms appear. Both try to stop the virus from replicating using very different mechanisms. Both treatments show promising results.

And while Merck’s data is good, Pfizer’s is “fantastic”. However, people with previous health conditions such as heart disease, obesity or diabetes will be asked to take 30-40 tablets over the course of about a week.

Jun Rong Yeap, market IG Asia Pte strategist in Singapore, told Bloomberg that the drugs “bring some hope that reopening will be smoother, especially if they are in can reduce the pressure on hospital capacity, “and added:” The fact that it is an Oral treatment may also indicate that it can be better tolerated, along with its greater effectiveness.

Merck surprised the market first and has already been approved by the UK regulator, as there is a worrying increase in the number of cases in the UK, along with hospitalizations and deaths from infection. It has been shown to be 50% effective in preventing hospitalization and death. Clinical trials only tested people who hadn’t been vaccinated.

Merck’s drug was originally designed to treat the flu, which stopped the virus from replicating by introducing “genetic errors.”

According to Pfizer, its drugs showed better efficacy rates (89%). Unlike Merck, it was originally designed for COVID-19, and the company is currently seeking emergency approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

In Pfizer’s case, the drug does not alter the replication processes of the virus, but rather inhibits the activity of a key enzyme that allows the virus to replicate within the body’s cells.

The drugs of Pfizer and Merck against the crown .. Are you turning the page on the pandemic?
Corona virus

Pfizer’s drug is clearly the best, so its shares rose Friday, while Merck’s shares fell sharply. In both cases, no deaths were recorded among those who took the drug, compared with 15 deaths in the test group. The two drugs, according to the two companies, are effective against all existing strains of the coronavirus.

The costs of both properties are expected to be very high, in the hundreds of dollars. This is a negative, but it will have good implications for i budget of pharmaceutical companies.

As for the possibility of the emergence of new strains of the Corona virus, the sooner the disease is treated, either through the immune response deriving from the vaccine or through one of these drugs, the lower the possibility of dangerous mutations.

Now, we have a variety of vaccines that work, and children are eligible too, and we have a drug protocol that drastically reduces the death rate. There are also monoclonal antibodies obtained from former US President Donald Trump.

All these factors combined create a new reality in the light of the pandemic, but the challenges remain.

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