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The easiest way .. Here’s how to remove the image background in “Photoshop”

Photoshop is your ideal tool for creating only what can be imagined as a reality, at least as real as an image, and removing the background in Photoshop paves the way for some of the more fun uses of the app.

Although there are more complicated and expensive ways in time to remove the subject background, there is an easy way you can follow using the Quick Selection tool in Adobe Photoshop CC 2020K.business insider “.

How to remove a background in Photoshop

1. Launch the Photoshop application on your Mac or PC, drag the image you want to remove the background from by clicking “File”, then “Open …” from the menu in tall.

2. Time to use the quick selection tool The icon, a filled rectangle surrounded by a dashed line, is located on the left toolbar by right-clicking the object selection tool and clicking on the third icon.

3. Click piece by piece to surround the image you want to remain in foreground, or the part of the image that will remain after removing the background. You can also press “Select Object” in the menu bar in high “Options”.

4. Zoom in to correct any imperfections on the subject, you can too in “Quick Mask” mode.

5. When you are satisfied with the photo you want to isolate from the background, right-click the selected subject and click Layer via Copy.

6. Click the eyeball icon in the Layers panel next to Level 0, as it will be called by default to hide the background, in the menu on the right side of the screen.

Alternatively, here’s an easier way to remove the background, if you don’t need near-perfect margins in your subject.

1. Open your photo.

2. Create a new layer on the right side of the Layers panel, deselect Layer 1 and select the Background layer, with the image as the icon image, in Levels.

3. With this layer selected, you will now see the Remove Background option in the Quick Actions panel, click on it.

4. You may need to tap the double arrows to expand the panels to see quick actions if you are using a smaller screen.

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