The Egyptian government makes it clear that taxes are imposed on the recipients of the phone call

Today, Sunday, the Egyptian Cabinet Media Center said some sites web and pages of social media have circulated news on the imposition of tariffs on the recipients of telephone calls at the value of 10 plates per minute, starting next October.

The center added that it had contacted the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, which denied the news, stressing that it was not correct to impose a rate on the recipient of the call at the value of 10 plates per minute, starting next October. , and that no decisions have been issued in this regard.

The Ministry of Communications underlined that the fees for the cost of any telephone calls are borne by the caller alone, without charging any cost to the recipient of the call, noting that the imposition of any new fees on telecommunications services does not take place unilaterally by the telecommunications, but rather requires the notification and approval of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority in as a government body affiliated with the ministry, which is entrusted with the decision to impose any new fees relating to the telecommunications sector, and the ministry has invited citizens not to get carried away in such malicious and baseless rumors, which aim to sow confusion with the information obtained from its official sources.

In a related context, the ministry said it is implementing a number of projects to maximize the state’s capabilities in the communications field, the most important of which is the project to improve Internet services and the project to improve telephony services. mobile, where the communication infrastructure is developed through cables in Optical fiber, in addition to activating the work of the Egyptian code The basics of design and requirements for the implementation of networks in optical fiber for communications in buildings and facilities, to improve high-speed Internet services, and these cables give greater availability and efficiency to data transmission services.

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