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The Egyptian government responds to the statement about the serious crisis in the country

The media center of the Egyptian Council of Ministers said that in light of the circulating rumors about the decision to reduce the proportion of citizens subsidized bread on cards, the Ministry of Supply denied these reports.

The Ministry of Egypt confirmed that the decrease in the share of citizens in subsidized rationed bread is not true, and that no decisions have been taken on this matter, emphasizing the regularity of paying citizens the share of subsidized loaves of bread in connection with its rationing, of course, 5 loaves per day, only 150. One loaf per month, priced at 5 piastres per loaf, without any discount.

And she pointed out that the loaves issued by the card during the month are calculated by the accumulated points, provided that the cardholders pay the difference in bread points in the form of food and non-food products from various supply points by applying to the court. citizens to file complaints in case of non-payment by bakery enterprises of the number of loaves of bread allotted to an individual on cards in full.

In the relevant context, Egyptian municipal bakeries produce 270 million loaves of bread daily to meet the needs of citizens for ration cards, and a loaf of bread is offered to ration card holders at the price of 5 piastres, with the state bearing the difference. in the cost of bread, since the cost of producing a loaf reaches 85 piastres, i.e. the state bears 80 piastres for each loaf produced, and the citizen bears only 5 piastres, and the citizen is also given 10 piastres for each loaf of bread produced. remains on the card from the number of loaves due to him. Bread exchange coupons include the number of remaining bread points, which are given to the family from grocery stores in the form of supply items called “Bread Points Difference”. , at the beginning of each new month, in parallel with the daily distribution of monthly items from grocery stores.

Source: RT


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