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The “Eleventh Hour Trailer for Battlefield 2042” has Stunning Visuals That Make it so Impressive

Battlefield 2042 is still developing, surprising fans who have stuck with it, withstood the storm and gratifying others who have returned to the doomed multiplayer-only platform. The gameplay trailer for the fourth season of 2042, titled Eleventh Hour, was released by DICE today.

Battlefield 2042_

A new operator, map, weaponry, and aspects are introduced in a very amazing demonstration. It’s a trailer that exudes production value and top-notch cinematics. Yet, oddly, it reminds me of old-school FPS trailers.

Watch the trailer below to see what we mean.

As an avid follower of the Battlefield franchise since 2008, I’ll be honest and say that I gave up on Battlefield 2042 long ago. Yet the Eleventh Hour teaser looks incredible, and it might tempt me to reinstall the 2021 full-priced game.

Everyone knows that Battlefield 2042’s launch was a mess, and DICE took a while to start putting the game back together. The public briefly hoped that EA and DICE would abandon the dud title. Nonetheless, funding increased, and the game was enhanced, enlarged, and stabilized.

The following trailer will whet your appetite:

Battlefield 2042 | Season 4: Eleventh Hour Gameplay Trailer

Even if it is a near-future, far-cry version of what fans have come to know and love over the past few years, Battlefield 2042 finally looks like a Battlefield game. A vast array of new content is being introduced to the ecosystem in the Eleventh Hour, including:

  • A brand-new Recon Specialist named Camila “Blasco” has the super-stealthy ability to move unobserved over a map. Her X6 Infiltration Device prevents her from being locked onto, prevents her from activating motion-activated devices, and generates mobile dead zones wherever she goes.
  • The Super 500 Shotgun (sidearm), the AC9 SMG, the RPT-31 LMG, the SPH Launcher, and the RM68 Assault Rifle are among the new weaponry.
  • Assault, Engineer, Support, and Recon are the four famous Battlefield classes employed in the series for many years following the class system change.

In addition, Eleventh Hour will debut Flashpoint, a brand-new map with a rugged, mountainous setting in the center of South Africa. In addition to the new map, Discarded, a crucial launch map has also undergone revisions.

Will you be reinstalling Battlefield 2042 to take advantage of Eleventh Hour, or have you already given up, or have you been playing it nonstop since the game’s release?

On February 28th, Eleventh Hour will debut across all relevant platforms.


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