The Eminence In Shadow Season 2 Shares First Trailer And Release Date

As soon as the new season of the hit isekai anime comes out, Cid Kageno and his Shadow Garden group will return for more adventures.

The Eminence in Shadow’s second season is finally getting a release date, and the first trailer shows how Cid Kageno and the Shadow Garden are getting into trouble in the Lawless City. This gives fans of the hit anime show something to look forward to this Fall.

The official Twitter account for The Eminence in Shadow, @Shadowgarden_PR, said in a recent post that the anime’s second season would start in October 2023. The post also had a new trailer, which gave fans of the show a sneak peek at what to expect in the new season. Fans from outside of Japan will be able to watch the series on HIDIVE.

In a second tweet, the second season’s cast was also revealed. Even though most of the cast from the first season will be back for the new series, at least four new voices will be added to tell the stories of new characters. In the new storyline, the main character will fight against the people in charge of the Lawless City.

The Eminence in Shadow will be a new challenge for Cid

The animated series is based on a series of light novels by Daisuke Aizawa. It tells the story of Cid Kageno, a normal Japanese teenager who has a strange dream: to be the “Eminence in Shadow,” a mysterious and powerful character who works from behind the scenes and only shows up to make the biggest entrance possible. Cid dies in an accident but is reborn in a fantasy world with all his memories still there. This lets him fulfill his dream. On this journey, Cid saves a group of girls who have been accidentally turned into monsters. This earns him their undying loyalty. This series stands out among the many other isekai because it doesn’t take itself too seriously and mixes humor, satire, and action almost without a break.

The Eminence In Shadow Season 2

The anime Eminence in Shadow came out in October 2022 and immediately got fans’ attention. In Season 2, the action occurs in the Lawless City, a haven for criminals where the only rule is “survival of the fittest.” This is where Cid and the Shadow Garden will wait for the mysterious Blood Queen to wake up, which is said to happen at the end of the season. The second season will only have 12 episodes, which is bad news for fans since the first season had 20 episodes.

The Eminence in Shadow is one more way that the video streaming service HIDIVE is trying to grow its presence in the anime world by giving users access to anime that aren’t usually available on other anime streaming services. Based on how popular this series is getting, HIDIVE couldn’t have picked a better series to help build its brand than The Eminence in Shadow.

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