The Emirates Joint Shield .. to defend the country’s borders via land, sea and air

The UAE Ministry of Defense has announced the launch of the Emirates Shield / 50 joint exercise in the western direction of the country’s naval theater, which will continue until January 14.

Major General Saleh Mohammed bin Mujren Al Ameri, commander of joint operations, said today Sunday: “This exercise is a true translation of the advanced level of the armed forces of the United Arab Emirates. in all land, sea and air capabilities, to protect the nation’s capabilities and earnings in various operating environments. “

He added: “We are proud of the country’s achievements in military camp for the past fifty years in time to pace and of war, and we bet on our military capabilities, which have become the center of attention and appreciation of the world, thanks to the directives and the vigorous follow-up of wise leadership “.

The organization of the joint Emirates Shield / 50 exercise is part of the training and rehabilitation plan, to raise the level of readiness of the units of the armed forces, to defend the borders of the United Arab Emirates via land, sea and air, from any dangers or challenges future in every circumstance and moment.