The Environment Minister comments on the shark attack south of Hurghada

Egypt’s environment minister, Yasmine Fouad, announced on Sunday that information and scientific analyzes are being gathered on the circumstances of the shark attack in southern Hurghada.

In the context of the shark attack south of Hurghada, Environment Minister Yasmine Fouad announced that soon after receiving a complaint that two women had been attacked by a shark while swimming in surface inarea opposite the locality of Sahl Hasheesh, south of Hurghada, forming a working group of specialists in the Red Sea reserves and the HEPCA Association.

He added: “Major General Amr Hanafi, Governor of the Red Sea, issued a decision to stop all human activities in the vicinity of the attack and the Environment Minister ordered the formed committee to look into the situation and find out the scientific reasons. and circumstances of the attack, with all information gathered from all sources and analysis of such data and information in compliance with protocols. “universally used in the investigation of shark attacks on humans.

The Ministry of the Environment confirmed that “the work team specialized in examining the circumstances of the accident is still carrying out its tasks to know precisely the reasons for the behavior that arose from the shark at the origin of the accident towards the two victims “. The statement concludes by stating: “The Ministry of the Environment regrets the accident and expresses its deepest condolences to the families of the two victims and expresses its sincere thanks and appreciation to all interested parties for their support for the working group, in particular to the governor, Major General Amr Hefni, governor of the Red Sea. “