The Ethiopian Prime Minister announces the date of the second mobilization of the Renaissance Dam

The Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali confirmed this on Sunday The second filling of the Renaissance dam takes place in the rainy months From July to August despite negotiations between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia over die Dam crisis, die stalled without a significant breakthrough.

Abiy Ahmed said via Twitter: “The next filling of the Renaissance dam will only be in the months of heavy rain in July / August take place what die Benefits of reducing flooding in Sudan guaranteed. “Release more water.” From storage last year to newly created outlets and exchanges of information. “

And he continued, “Ethiopia intends to meet its needs for the construction of the Renaissance Dam and has not die Intention to cause harm to the downstream countries. “

The Ethiopian Prime Minister remarked: “The presence of the dam itself prevented severe flooding in neighboring Sudan over the past year.”

A few days ago, Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry phoned António Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations. In it he checked die latest developments in the Renaissance Dam ActHighlighting the basics of the Egyptian position, die die Need for a binding legal agreement on die Demand rules for filling and operating the dam.

During the call it was die Danger stresses that Ethiopia continues to take unilateral action on the second occupation without reaching an agreement on what to do die Stability and security of the region as well die The importance of the role of the United Nations and its organizations contributes to the resumption of negotiations and the achievement of the desired agreement and die African Union in to support the region.

And a Egyptian Foreign Minister leads speeches To the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the President of the Security Council and the President of the General Assembly, and requested die Dissemination as an official document through which all dimensions of the Renaissance Dam Act, die different negotiation phases and die Latest developments were explained.

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