The EU views support for Ukraine among fears of a new exodus

EU leaders on Friday sought to bolster their support for Ukraine after President Volodymyr Zelensky warned that Russia was trying to provoke a refugee exodus by destroying the energy infrastructure of his war-torn country.

Al-Arabiya has learned that the draft of the European summit calls on Iran to immediately stop supporting the Russian military war in Ukraine and supports the sanctions issued against Tehran for militarily supporting Russia.

After nearly 8 months of war, Russia has targeted more and more power plants, water plants and other key infrastructure in Ukraine with missile and drone attacks. Meanwhile, the European Union is grappling with the fallout of urgently needing to get rid of Russian gas and oil as the war fuels rising prices and market stress.

In a speech in Video link with European leaders in Brussels on Thursday, Zelensky said that “attacks with Russian cruise missiles and Iranian drones have destroyed more than a third of our energy infrastructure. For this reason, unfortunately, we are no longer in able to export electricity in helps maintain stability. “

“Russia is also causing a new wave of Ukrainian migration to EU countries” by attacking sources of electricity and heating “in so that as many Ukrainians as possible move to your countries “, added the president.

Estonian Prime Minister Kaia Kallas described targeting civilian infrastructure as “pure terrorism”.

“The Russian attacks are meant to scare us. They refrain from decisions we would otherwise make, and it’s horrible that it can be done in 2022,” Kallas told reporters. in an EU summit in Brussels.

His Latvian counterpart, Kriganis Karenci, said that “the Russian war is more brutal than ever and is now targeting not the Ukrainian army but Ukrainian citizens”.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen described Russia’s attacks on civilian infrastructure as “war crimes”.

More than 4.3 million Ukrainian citizens have been registered for temporary protection in the European Union. Poland is home to almost a third of them.

In a draft summit statement, EU leaders stressed that “they will stand by Ukraine’s side for as long as necessary” with continued political, military and economic support.

They also say the 27-nation bloc “step up its humanitarian response, in especially to prepare for winter “.

The draft text, seen by the Associated Press, is expected to be adopted later on Friday, though its exact wording may change.

The European Union is deeply divided on how to deal with the unauthorized arrival of migrants, an issue at the heart of one of the biggest political crises ever to occur in the bloc.

But many countries, in particularly in central and eastern Europe, they have so far put aside their objections to welcoming large numbers of war refugees from Ukraine.

The leaders of the member states of the European Union should put in guard Belarus from helping Russia in the war.

Military leaders in Ukraine warned this week that Russia was deploying planes and troops in Belarus and that Russian forces could attack from there to disrupt Western arms and equipment supply routes.

“The Belarusian regime must fully comply with its obligations under international law. The European Union remains ready to act swiftly with further sanctions imposed on Belarus”, reads the draft declaration of the summit.

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