The European gas crisis deepens … between the coal tragedy and Russian blackmail

The EU climate policy chief said a return to unclean coal energy during the current energy crisis is not “a smart move” and that markets should act. Take the opportunity to switch to renewable energy.

The collective industrial recovery of questyear in the wake of the coronavirus crisis has led to a jump in energy demand and prices in Worldwide.

In Europe, rising gas prices have encouraged more utility companies to switch to coal to generate electricity as the region tries to persuade member states to stop using polluting fuels.

In Asia, demand for coal from giant markets, such as China and India, has increased as the region’s economies are recovering from the significant declines triggered by the pandemic.

“It would be a tragedy if, during this crisis, we started investing in coal again, a future-less energy source that pollutes the environment,” European Commission Vice President Franz Timmermans told Reuters on a visit Monday. in Indonesia. .

“The prudent thing to do during this energy crisis is to reduce dependence on fossil fuels as much as possible,” he added, noting that renewable energy prices remain low while coal prices have soared.

On the other hand, the head of the Ukrainian state-owned energy company (Naftogaz) said on Monday that Russia is trying to blackmail Europe into approving the Nord Stream 2 pipeline by keeping gas supplies low, adding that the company is studying the possibility. to import gas from Romania.

Both the Kremlin and the Russian gas giant Gazprom have repeatedly stated that Russia meets all requests for gas supplies from European customers.

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