The European Parliament calls for international mechanisms to monitor the behavior of the Taliban

MEPs called on members of the Commissions on Human and Women’s Rights in the European Union to work on finding international mechanisms that would allow Responsibility of the Taliban government If it violates human rights, including women’s rights.

The head of the Human Rights Committee, Marina Arena, told Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath that monitoring mechanisms are an essential issue, as they allow for women’s rights to be examined.

He added: “It is necessary to put in mechanisms in place to monitor the situation in Afghanistan, starting today. This is what we asked the Security Council for. Unfortunately, our request was not taken in consideration. The Taliban must accept responsibility for what is happening as of now. “

And he added: “We will not accept that humanitarian reasons or geopolitical interests lead us to turn a blind eye and ignore the human rights situation. in Afghanistan. If we do, we will make a grave mistake against the Afghans. “

On Friday, the European Union reiterated its strict stance on the Taliban movement, which has controlled most of Afghanistan since mid-August.

Joseph Borrell, head of EU foreign policy, said during a press conference after a meeting of European foreign ministers that the bloc will negotiate with the Taliban, but under strict conditions, adding that this does not mean the recognition of the new government that the movement will form.

“To support the Afghan people, we will have to dialogue with the new government, but it will be a practical dialogue,” he added.

He also added that this dialogue will be intensified in accord with the government’s behavior, while noting that Afghanistan does not become a “base for exporting terrorism.” in other countries “, respecting human rights, the rule of law and the freedom of media.

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