The European Union calls for the formation of a civil government in Sudan

A statement from the European Union called for the formation of a civilian government on Thursday in Sudan, stressing that failure to restore constitutional order in the country will lead to consequences.

The European Union also condemned what it described as “violations” during Peaceful demonstrations in Sudan Yesterday, which resulted in deaths and injuries.

The statement quotes EU High Coordinator for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell that “all communication services must be restored immediately and completely”.

From the protests in Sudan

He said that if the constitutional order was not restored immediately, there would be “serious consequences” for EU support, including financial support, as he said.

He added: “Hamdok must be returned to his place and must be able to form a civilian government and immediately release the detainees”, stressing that the only via exit from the crisis is a complete dialogue on a road map.

A cautious calm prevails on Thursday Streets of the Sudanese capital, KhartoumWhile several parties, in addition to the “Professional Association”, have launched appeals for civil disobedience, while doctors have stated that: Sudanese security forces killed 15 people At least dozens of people were injured, while demonstrations were held in Khartoum and on Wednesday in other cities.

For its part, the Sudanese police confirmed in a statement that yesterday’s demonstrations resulted in the injury of 89 policemen and the fire of 3 of their vehicles.

Sudanese police stressed that they did not use firearms “despite the violence they were subjected to”, adding: “We used minimal force and tear gas.”

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