The European Union is imposing sanctions on 10 military officials in Myanmar

Imposed on Monday die European Union sanctions 10 officials The ruling military council in Myanmar And conglomerates of companies die against the backdrop of the coup and the bloody security campaign against die Protesters are affiliated with the army, according to European officials.

“In addition to the inclusion of individuals (on die blacklist) concern (die Procedure) also conglomerates of companies, die with the military establishment, “said Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas after a press conference with his counterparts in The European Union.

The army is oppressed die democracy-friendly movement, die Thousands on die Road brought and in has caused strikes in many sectors of the economy, in increasingly severe ways.

The military, which ruled Myanmar with an iron fist for 50 years until 2011, is facing a resurgence of armed ethnic minority insurgency on at least two fronts, what die Fear of growing conflicts and chaos in the Asian country.

The Karen National Union, die Signed a ceasefire agreement in 2012, suffered die first military air strikes in more than 20 years, causing thousands of refugees to flee to Thailand. Fighting between the army and the “Kachin” rebels in northern Myanmar has also increased.

According to a census by the Association in Support of Political Prisoners, crackdown on demonstrations has killed 701 people since February 1. For its part, the ruling military group speaks of 248 dead.

According to the Association to Support Political Prisoners, around 3,000 people have been arrested since the coup. Despite the risks, opponents of military rule continue to gather.

The repression of the demonstrations sparked a spate of convictions from Western countries, die sometimes accompanied by sanctions against members of the military group, die aimed at their financial interests.

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