The European Union is preparing to launch a massive infrastructure plan

The European Union is preparing to unveil a huge infrastructure plan in Europe, which could be similar to the US plan in this sense.

The new strategy involves spending over 40 billion euros (45.9 billion dollars) in technology and infrastructure, a key part of the West’s confrontation with China’s “Belt and Road” program, according to the German news agency.

According to a draft seen by Bloomberg in the middle of this month, the European Union’s “global exit” strategy will focus on Digitization, transport, energy and commercial projects.

The plan aims to promote Europe’s interests and global competitiveness while promoting standard and sustainable environmental values ​​such as democracy, human rights and the rule of law.

The strategy follows a US-led agreement reached during the Group of Seven summit in July, when leaders agreed to launch a global infrastructure initiative called “Rebuilding a Better World” to help narrow the infrastructure need gap in the country. world in via development and provide a green competitor for China’s ambitious green initiatives.

The draft stated that the Global Exit program would provide “a full mark of the EU’s already large investment in infrastructure in around the world, to enable better coordination between Member States, expand cooperation with international and regional partners and pave the way for funding. “

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