The European Union: the Afghan crisis has demonstrated Europe’s military weakness

After the meeting of the defense ministers of the European Union countries which ended today in Slovenia, on Thursday Josep Borrell, EU foreign policy official, stressed that European countries are moving to learn the lessons from the Afghanistan dossier to form a military deterrent force and develop work also on the African coast.

He explained that the Union will announce the military capabilities necessary for that mission or force on November 16

He also indicated that EU countries are trying to reformulate their relationship with the Taliban, while explaining that issues depend on the movement’s actions on the ground and not on words, and the path it will take.

In turn, the Slovenian Minister of Defense stressed, during a joint press conference with Borrell, that the crisis in Afghanistan has shown that Europe does not have sufficient military capabilities.

The European Union: the Afghan crisis has demonstrated Europe’s military weakness

From the vicinity of Kabul airport (archive – AFP)

Formation of a rapid reaction force

Defense ministers of the European Union discussed at today’s summit the formation of a rapid reaction force after the blockade found itself in sidelines during a US-led evacuation from Afghanistan, reconsidering a proposal – first presented last May – to form a 5,000-member force as part of the review of the European Union’s defense strategy, which is expected to end Next year.

This came after calls to the 27 member states have intensified in recent days to develop their joint military capabilities to respond quickly to crises following the chaos at Kabul airport that followed the Taliban’s rise to power.

But there are serious doubts about the ability of Europeans to develop such a project, since the Union has never been able to use the system of “tactics groupings” developed in 2007 but requires the unanimity of the Member States to activate it.

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