The European Union will soon authorize the first two drugs to treat the corona with antibodies

Two European Union sources told Reuters that the European Medicines Agency, responsible for regulating the use of drugs in the block, will authorize the use of two monoclonal antibody-based drugs to treat people with COVID-19. in its first approval of tale treatment.

The holiday arrives in one moment in which the European Union is facing a new increase in cases of the disease and in the number of infected people hospitalized, despite the high level of vaccination in many countries.

One of the sources said that this week the European Medicines Agency will give the via free to use this treatment, developed by the American biotechnology company (Regeneron) and the Swiss giant (Rocher). The antibody combination is called Regen-Cove in the United States while it is sold in other countries like Ronaprive.

The source, who asked not to be named because the information is still confidential, added that this week the agency will also allow EU countries to use the drug (Regkerona), which is based on monoclonal antibodies, developed from the South Korean biotechnology company (Celetron).

Another source familiar with the licensing process said the approvals were “forthcoming,” but the exact dates had not yet been set.

Both drugs are currently used to treat patients at risk of developing severe infections.

Applications for approval of the two drugs were submitted in early October and the European Medicines Agency said at the time that it “can give its opinion within two months”. A Celtrion spokesperson said the company expects a decision by the end of November.

Corona vaccine
Corona vaccine

Rocher, who asked in Europe’s approval of Ronabrev, did not respond to a request for comment.

The European Medicines Agency declined to comment on the approvals, but said the two drugs were discussed at this week’s monthly meetings of the treatment authorization committee. The meetings started on Monday and will continue until Thursday.

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