The execution by hanging of “Islam Fathi” for killing the student “Salma Bahgat” with 31 stab wounds

The Zagazig Criminal Court, chaired by Councilor Mohamed Abdel Karim, President of the Court and Councilor Dr. Mustafa Blasi, and members of Councilor Ahmed Samir Selim, the Secretariat of Mohamed Farouk and Ahmed Gharib, have ratified the decision of the Grand Mufti of Egypt hang the accused of killing the student Salma Bahgat, known by media like Zagazig’s girlfriend.

The court had heard the Prosecutor’s argument, where the representative of the Prosecutor indicated that the victim had obtained superiority and an appreciation of excellence so much that joy pervaded the minds of all but this accused, who was sitting and reflecting on how to be rehabilitated, especially because he had self-love and possession, and the accused came to think of killing the victim in the way in he had committed it, contacting the victim’s friend and stating that he wanted to meet her to reconcile and apologize for any offense committed against him.He joined the training within the newspaper and actually arrived in front of the property in where the newspaper stood and kept turning back and forth in waiting for the victim to arrive.

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